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Rainbow Dads nominated for Best Wellbeing Podcast (British Podcast Awards)2020

Sep 2019

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September 25, 2019

Back in 2014 Nicholas McInerny was commissioned by BBC Radio 4 to write the first of four series of HOW TO HAVE A PERFECT MARRIAGE, an autobiographical drama about a married man who Comes Out.  Nicholas appeared on WOMAN’s HOUR and wrote an article for THE TIMES. He later adapted it for a pilot webisode, YOURDADSGAY ( https://vimeo.com/276309656. Password : YDG102)

In 2019 Nicholas was approached by Richard Shannon, a playwright and Lecturer in Radio at Goldsmiths, to make a Podcast.  Over two weekends in April six strangers met, and this is the result. Six Podcasts that cover the different stages these men went on their incredible journeys.


Ep1. The Early Years. Growing up gay or bi in a straight world.

Ep2. Marriage Blues or not?  What was their experience.

Ep3. Day Zero. Did Coming Out solve anything?

Ep4. A Brave New World. Expectations v Reality.

Ep5. Fit for Practice.? How to be lovable again.

Ep6. What now?  Breaking through and the need to heal.


Ep7 goes into more details of Nicholas’s journal used throughout the previous six episodes.


Presenter – Nicholas McInerny

Producer and Editor – Richard Shannon

Music by Mina

Special thanks to Neil Bull, Senior Technician, Radio Section, Goldsmiths College

All with extraordinary stories to tell – an arranged marriage, an evangelical background, a deep affinity with David Bowie! –  as they shared raw, honest, funny, bittersweet memories of family, of fatherhood – and of self-acceptance.

‘Yesterday, whilst I was sleeping, my wife leant over and whispered in my ear, ‘Wake up happy…..’

These Six Podcasts cover different stages in this journey as the Dads talk with extraordinary bravery and insight and share moments of laughter and tears.

The final – Seventh - episode focuses on the journal Nicholas kept from 2007 when he first confronted the realisation he was Gay.

Richard and Nicholas believe there are other subjects to cover in RAINBOW DADS, and would welcome suggestions for further Podcasts.

And we really hope – wherever and whoever you are – these stories touch you too.


Contact Nicholas McInerny on 07770943556




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